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Mimi ON Mar 10, 2011 AT 3:34 pm

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff

By Fashion Foie Gras

Meeting Rebecca Minkoff and her new collection…

There is a little book I keep of certain “to dos” I’d like to see checked off when it comes to blogging. On that list there are several designers’ names.  These are names of people I respect in the industry for their talent and their career success. One name on that list, which has been up there for a while, is Rebecca Minkoff. Each year I’ve enjoyed her catwalk shows and enjoyed meeting each garment in person as the new seasons were released in stores. Last week I received an invitation to meet her in person in London.

So this afternoon I casually strolled over to the suite at the Sanderson Hotel and came face to face with my own personal American idol. I had a tough moment concentrating. On one side of my brain I was very excited to be meeting Rebecca Minkoff herself and the other side of my brain was scanning the room and adding up in my head how many blog posts I could do on these amazing pieces without seeming like a brand stalker!

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff's A/W 2011 collection.

Let me back up a step though. As you know, Rebecca does a ready to wear line (I’ve included a few snaps from style.com above). But what I was looking at today were fabulous bags…tons and tons of bags and gorgeous shoes.  Sadly I wasn’t able to take any pictures as we have to keep some of the mystery alive for you all! But I was talked through the entire collection and I can say that this is one you’ll want to save for.

My “to-die-for” piece was the oversized rabbit fur clutch.  Why? Well, let’s just say it is the softest thing I have ever felt in my entire life! And there’s a secret. I’m not sure If I’m allowed to share this, but I’m sure I’ll be asked to take this down if I’m not.  The rabbit fur is so soft because this is a special rabbit that is bred to feel like chinchilla! MY GOD! If they hadn’t told me that I really would have thought it was chinchilla!

So bottom line, you are going to be seeing a lot more about Rebecca Minkoff…and can I just say…ummm why isn’t this brand on Net-a-Porter? Ms. Massenet, can you sort that out please? I’m going to want to be able to have these bags delivered same day when it comes to AW2011.
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