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Jourdana ON Feb 11, 2013 AT 1:53 pm

As winter closes in around us, it’s all too easy for hair to mimic the dull, grey surroundings. We speak to leading hair colourist Daniel Galvin about how best to protect coloured hair from fading;


Why does hair colour fade and dull? 
It’s actually not a matter of the colour fading, it’s more about the colour being obscured.  Basically, the cuticle of the hair is transparent like the scales on a fish – if the hair is blighted by pollutants and chemicals it becomes harder to see the true colour.  It’s almost like a fogged up window – nothing is as vivid or as bright as if the window were clean.

Why does it appear to dull more during the winter? 
The hair naturally becomes duller as there is less sunlight and therefore less likely to get that naturally sunkissed appearance from  light reflection.

What should we use to protect it? 
In terms of product, my top recommendations would be the Kérastase Reflection range which protects and maintains longlasting colour radiance. Look out for products that don’t contain any sulphates or parabens, such as the Louise and Daniel Galvin ranges.

Kérastase Reflection range

What can be done to revitalise the shade? 
Using quality colour-saving shampoos and conditioners will help to stop the fade. I would suggest opting for products with a lower pH as they will keep the cuticle closed, keeping the hair smoother. A cold rinse does wonders to keep hair shiny. I would also recommend a hair Detox (the Daniel Galvin in-salon treatment using an intensive Vitamin C cleanse to remove pollutants and chemicals and return colour to its original brightness) once a month to keep highlights and colour looking as vibrant and un-muted as possible.

The Daniel Galvin Detox Treatment is available at Daniel Galvin Salon and Daniel Galvin at The Corinthia Hotel

Protect your hair colour whilst breathing new life and shine into it with our pick of the best at-home treatments,

Fight The Fade Hair Products


L’Oreal Profressional Serie Expert Vitamino Colour Masque Treatment £11
This luxe, deep conditioning mask targets the hair cuticles that have been weakened by colouring, working to protect and strengthen against daily wear and tear. Used just once a week it helps to prolong the intensity and radiance of colour.

Ojon Color Sustain Pro Fade-Fighter Pro, £25,
This weekly conditioning treatment uses Tahitian Monoi Oil, Jasmin Wax and Ojon Oil to help hair to maintain its vibrancy and depth for up to 40 washes.

Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect Colour Seal Concentrate, £3.99
Small, but mighty, slather Pantene’s Colour Seal Concentrate onto just-washed-still-wet hair for just two minutes to see a transformative boost to hair colour, shine and smoothness. Use a couple of times a week to create a cumulative colour-protect effect.

Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo & Conditioner £15.50
A plant-infused ultra-gentle shampoo and conditioner to help protect coloured hair from the dulling onslaught of pollution, sun and water.

Aesop Colour Protection Shampoo & Conditioner, both £17
A sulphate-free shampoo formula is blended with botanicals to give an effective, deep clean without stripping colour. The conditioner uses Hydrolyzed Oats to hydrate and nourish dyed hair.



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