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Mimi ON Jan 04, 2011 AT 1:03 pm

The Lumie Clear

The Lumie Clear

If breakouts and acne are blighting your life as well as your complexion, you might want to explore the wonderful world of light therapy from Lumie.

Best known for natural daylight simulators that can help with winter blues, Lumie’s newest innovation is the Lumie Clear. Using light therapy to dramatically improve light to moderate acne (by up to 76% in 12 weeks), the machine is based on medical research and has been developed alongside leading dermatologist’s from London’s Hammersmith hospital.

Lumie Clear gives specific light wavelengths from the blue and red spectrum to kill bacteria and reduce redness.

It’s £149 at and we’ve actually got hold of one so will be reviewing it in about 2 months so stay tuned… we’re expecting big things!

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