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Mimi ON Feb 27, 2012 AT 6:36 pm

Floris was the first shop to ever receive a Royal Warrant in the 1800s, by the Prince Regent, it is in fact the oldest place ever recorded to be appointed a Royal Warrant in the world. Currently holding 17 Royal Warrants, and are the only perfumers who can claim to have this honour bestowed on them by the Queen.  

Royal Arms in the Floris Store

However the Floris story began in 1730, when America was still part of the British Empire and before Beethoven and Mozart were even born, to give you some perspective.

Originally the shop was a hairdressers and comb makers, back then that also meant creating hair oils and scented products for their customers. Soon they found themselves more interested and excited by creating perfumes, so they started making individual scents is for their customers downstairs in the shop. To help grow the family business they sent their sons to study perfumery to Grasse in France.  At this time everything was made in the store, even the boxes and soaps. The strong smell of perfume would waft down Jermyn Street, this was later mixed with the smell of cigars from the men in offices in the 70′s. Hard to imagine this heady mix when you walk down this famous street now, running parallel with the busy Picadilly and tucked behind Fortnum and Mason.

Now the perfumes are made in a factory that was opened in 1989 by Princess Diana in Devon, everything is still all made in Britain. To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Floris has created an adaption of the original Royal Arms recipe from 1926. The fragrance was originally created for 26th April 1926 to celebrate the birth of Elizabeth, King George V’s first grandchild.


Pouring the Royal Arms Parfum into 1 of 6 antique bottles at Floris today

Six antique bottles containing the parfum have been produced, presented  in beautiful art deco  bottles. Each one adorned with a 50 point fair trade white diamond on a chain, that sits around the neck of the bottle. The Queen receives the first one, naturally. One stays in the Floris family museum, another goes to auction charity and two will be the sale in the shop at the price of £15,000 each.  The John Lewis in Oxford Street will have the other perfume in its new perfumery hall.

At the heart of this beautiful fragrance comes is the queen of flowers, the rose, it also contains Jasmine, Iris on a powdery base of amber mask patchouli and vanilla. We agreed it does smell very regal, but not too old fashioned. I will be wearing my bottle, it suits my taste of floral scents. I wore the Floris scent Fleur in the summer last year and will be feeling very palatial around my office now smelling of Royal Arms. I love the special packaging, this will make a beautiful collector’s item and I suspect will be very popular with our friends in the USA. I was invited to the back room in Floris to watch the pouring of the limited edition into the the antique bottles today, see below.

Royal Arms, Eau de Parfum is available now in Floris in Jermyn Street for £99: see for details.

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