Flower Power

BATD ON May 29, 2013 AT 8:17 am

Tis the season for festivals and we’re ready to get our groove on. Eclectic fashion collections are swarming our favorite retail locations (here’s looking at you Topshop) and you can’t deny there is a cheap thrill in searching for the ultimate festival attire, even if you’ll never dare wear it once outside the parameters of the camp site.

While everyone has their own favorite hippie-esque pieces, one accessory it seems that we’re all fawning over this season is the flower crown.

Blame the ever-immaculate Kate Bosworth (how, just how does she do it?) and the Topshop collection inspired by her flawless festival  fashion, the Chelsea Flower Show, or maybe blame the sodden weather that seems to be dampening both spirits and the British blooms. But whoever you trace the trend back to, ensure that your tresses are not left wanton this summer.

Blossom Headpieces | Topshop | Urban Outfitters

Although you could probably spend an afternoon armed with hot glue gun, wire and faux flowers (and hey, we can think of worst ways to spend a rainy day) save yourself a burn or two and check out these gorgeous pre-made headbands.

Topshop Flower Crowns

Fancy the floral update but not so sure the flower crown is quite for you? Head down to Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa, where the experts have created a flower-inspired blow dry. Plump for a soft, unstructured  up-do or gutsy, accessorised blow dry.

Richard Ward In Bloom Blow Dry

Richard Ward In Bloom Blow Dry from £60 plus flower/ accessory Richardward.co.uk





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