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BATD ON Jun 04, 2009 AT 9:22 am

Caudalie's Foot Beauty Cream

Caudalie's Foot Beauty Cream

Okay, well you’ve probably never wondered why wine cellar masters have such soft hands, but it’s a fact that they do. (Note to self: meet and marry cellar master). Grape byproduct, Vinolevure, has turned out to be something of a revelation in beauty circles, and of course the reason why those wine tenders can seduce a girl by simply shaking her hand. Ultra nourishing, and derived from wine yeast, it’s combined with grape-seed oils and fair trade shea butter in Caudalie’s Foot Beauty Cream, £11.

The cream is super-healing and the ultimate salve for those ‘oh my god’ moments that often accompany sock removal! As an added bonus, it contains micro-beads that mattify to an orange and mint scented powdery scent.

Stockists: 0800 4429 2424.

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