Forego Dextrous Fingers For An Intraceuticals Infusion

Jourdana ON Aug 14, 2013 AT 11:40 am

When it comes to facials, I’m a get down and dirty kinda girl.

I don’t need (or want) someone to lovingly slather (and then remove) all manner of unguents over my skin, no matter how stress-relieving or nap-inducing their methods may be, nor how potent the products.  No. What I want is strength and muscle massage, a really deep thorough cleanse, some powerful (and necessary) extraction and to leave the clinic with skin that is plump, firm, glowing, fresh and super squeaky clean.

Intraceuticals Infusion Treatment

Generally you’d assume that this type of high-performance facial requires an intuitive and hands-on therapist. And you’d be right. Except when it comes to the Intraceuticals Infusion treatment. Because there’s absolutely no physical contact. At all. At least not with the therapist. Instead, the treatment is based on a series of machine-employed skin infusions.

A deep cleanse (with a sonic brush) is followed by an initial boost of pure oxygen which enables the second infusion, of a lightweight hyaluronic serum (plus a cocktail of vitamins A, C, E and Green Tea) to penetrate deeper and absorb more readily into the skin. The firmness and pressure of a dextrous facialist is replaced by a feathery, ticklish sensation that sweeps across the skin as tiny jets of liquid work to immediately refresh, brighten and plump.

Expect to leave the salon, after just an hour, with a lifted, energised and smoothed face and to see the results improve over the ensuing couple of days as the hyaluronic continues to boost skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and restore firmness.

For once, I’d recommend foregoing a deft pair of hands in place of a trusty piece of equipment!

Intraceuticals Infustion, from £135 at Destination Skin, @DestinationSkin


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