Fragrances by Caudalie

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Caudalie Fragrances

Caudalie Fragrances

Samyn also showed us the amazing new trio of limited-edition Caudalie fragrances, called Morning (Fleur de Vine), Afternoon (Zeste de Vigne), and Night (Thé de Vigne). Each fragrance is inspired by the Caudalie grape vineyard and correspond to the wearer’s personality (i.e., a “morning person” or “night person”). We fell in love with these fragrances right away – they are unbelievably fresh and light (even the evening scent!). A different nose created each one, giving them each a distinctive, unique quality about them.

“Morning” was created by Anne Flipo, who works with International Flavors and Fragrances and has written a large body of works about scents and fragrance. Her fragrance is a sweet blend of white rose, rose pepper, watermelon and a hint of citrus.

Anne Flipo

Anne Flipo

The very famous Francis Kurkdjian is the nose behind “Afternoon,” a tangy, citrusy fragrance with notes of sweet lemon, lemon blossom, and a touch of moss. Kurkdjian made his first fragrance for Jean Paul Gaultier in 1995, and his success has since grown exponentially; in 2009 he was able to open his own perfume house (Maison Francis Kurkdjian) in Paris.

Finally, “Night” was the work of Jacques Cavalier, who has created scents for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent (Cinema) and Stella McCartney (STELLA). Cavalier grew up in Grasse, France, the world capital of perfume, and under the guidance of his perfumer father and grandfather, Cavalier has been working with a wide range of scents since he was just a child. “Night” has a hint of musk and warm blond wood topped off with zesty orange blossom, ginger liqueur, and a deep jasmine infusion.

The young designer Bénédicte de Lescure created the bottles and packages for the three scents. Each fragrance comes in a green, yellow, or pink tinted bottle with embossed grapes; each bottle is then packaged in an earthy wooden tin with laser cutout designs revealing hints of color.

Caudalie has indeed earned its place as one of the top 4 skincare brands to date; the experience today confirmed the quality and true luxury of their products.

The fragrances were just released this week, and the Vinoperfect products are also now available for purchase. BUY THEM HERE…


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