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Mimi ON Mar 04, 2011 AT 9:30 am

Glacial Shells treatment

Glacial Shells treatment

If you haven’t come across the latest in designer detox treatments, check out the Glacial Shells treatment; an ice-therapy based cleanse that targets the stomach and legs and acts as a colonic cleanse using hot and cold shells. We must admit we prefer the sound of the hot shells best, but we might be able to bear the cold if it gives us pretty pins.

The treatment starts with a Moroccan massage where the therapist uses one hot and one cold shell over the legs and tummy in long flowing movements with the combination apparently breaking down fatty tissues, stimulating a sluggish circulation and removing ‘build up’ in the digestive system.

Afterwards, you are wrapped in a cocoon of marine mud to banish any water retention. Reports suggest that your tummy is flatter almost instantly!

And for that, we’re prepared to chill!

£75 for 1 hour 15 mins, and available in Harrods Urban Retreat from March and nationwide from April.

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