Gaga Nail It for Barneys

Mimi ON Dec 02, 2011 AT 9:32 am

Lady Gaga and her bonkers nails

Lady Gaga and her bonkers nails

These are some serious nails!

When we found out Lady Gaga was behind the new nail designs from Barneys in the US, we weren’t surprised. Everything about them screams Gaga, and they’re just as insane as her wild wardrobe.

They are 3D adhesive nails and are currently being sold at Barneys for Lady Gaga’s pop-up shop.

Gaga’s personal nail artist, Naomi Yasuda, collaborated with Kiss to create these one-of-a-kind, limited edition nails. The different styles are studded, bedazzled, covered in chains and red crystals, spiked, twisted, and geometrically printed.

You probably won’t be able to use your fingers for any sort of functional tasks once you put these beauties on, but we think their cool-factor totally makes up for it. The sets start at $45, and are going to be available until 2nd January while supplies last.

Barneys’ website offers international shipping so if you can’t make it to the States any time soon you can order them online.

If Lady Gaga’s nails are a bit too over the top for you but you love nail art, check out Minx, Nail Couture LA and Nail Rock for some awesome and inexpensive designs.

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