Garnier Olia: A Perfect Finish

Mimi ON Oct 23, 2012 AT 4:25 pm

Before and After!

We already wrote about Garnier Olia as we were pretty impressed by the range of colours and the positive feedback that was being given by those who had tried it. Given that it’s the first oil-based home hair colour product on the market and that it gives fantastic colour, high shine and nourishes your hair at the same time, it was easy for us to find a willing tester to put it through it’s paces.

She chose Deep Red (4.6) which was the closest to her current hair colour (which had been dyed a similar colour previously) and after undergoing a 48-hour patch test just to check she didn’t have an allergic reaction to the product (a dab of the colouring cream at the back of her neck), she set aside an evening to dye her hair.

‘The packaging makes this product really easy to use! The bottle neck was wide enough to mix up the colour – all I had to do was add the top and give it a shake. I then concentrated on the area of regrowth around my scalp – made easy by the nozzle. I had put on the gloves at the beginning of the procedure so covered the rest of my hair by squeezing dye into my palm and massaging it through to the ends. Because of the tear-shaped bottle, I had a really good grip and was able to direct the dye neatly without any drips or spills.’

‘I gave it just 30 minutes development time and was really impressed by how gentle it seemed to be. No tingling scalp or itchiness which I have experienced before. I then (with gloves back on) I rinsed it thoroughly away using my shower head over the bath. I finished with the conditioner which was also supplied.’

The Results

‘The colour was definitely much richer and more vibrant. The cover was even and the most impressive thing was that my hair really did look completely different in terms of the condition. Beforehand my hair was dry and a bit lifeless, now it was vibrant and so shiny – all very impressive!’

‘It was much less hassle than I had expected and for £6.99 the results are amazing – I love having my hair done by a professional but this was so easy I will definitely consider using Garnier Olia again.’

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