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By Hannah Powling

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Big, big, big lashes are so on trend right now, but instead of chunky I want to share with you my ultimate top tips on how to get the biggest and boldest lashes around.

Is your mascara not quite giving you those envious eyelashes that you strive for? Make the absolute most from your natural eyelashes by incorporating these key tips into your routine and I promise you, you won’t look back. You may even ditch the falsies!

1. Get healthy, strong lashes

Let’s start with the basics. Just like the hair on your head, your lashes deserve a little TLC – which will really help with their natural length, volume and thickness. If you have a healthy foundation to start off with you know you will get the most from the products you use. Look after your lashes ladies!

So, every evening coat your eyelashes with Instant Effects Instant Lash Volumiser. This product works to give instant effects so it is ideal to wear under your mascara – but I like to let this one get to work overnight on my bare lashes for optimum results. This innovative product aids lash growth with continued use, to increase volume and thickness. It can also be used on your eyebrows too – brilliant!


2. Use Lash Primer

If you don’t use lash primer, you absolutely must. It’s a no brainer. As well as providing conditioning benefits and even more care for your eyelashes – just like a skin primer, they just make mascaras look so much better! Get some of these top mascara primers into your makeup bag, pronto. Again, you won’t ever touch a mascara to your naked lashes again once you get into using them. Trust me.


I never use just one mascara now. The secret to the PERFECT lash is sometimes using two different ones. Hear me out. It all began with the MAC Haute and Naughty duo brush wiper system that gave me the idea that basically if you start with a defining mascara and THEN grab your voluminous one – the result is just perfect.


Recommendation: Start with Barry M That’s How I Roll £4.99, and finish with MAC In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash £19.

I always strive for super big lashes but this doesn’t mean 5 layers of a voluminous mascara because what that will usually give you is the clumpy lash look. Fine if that’s the look you’re going for but here, we are all about full and fluffy (and have more than just 5 hairs on our eyelids).

The answer?

Step 1. Use a separating and defining mascara first. This coat each and every single hair with a thin coating of mascara. Let dry a little but not fully.

Step 2. Now grab your ultra volumous mascara and work that in, and you’ll find it coats each and every hair without sticking them together too much and behold! Thick but fluffy, separated and fat gorgeous lashes.



You’re welcome.



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