Get Gutsy Hair

Mimi ON Jul 30, 2012 AT 12:14 pm

Get Gutsy Hair

There’s nothing more alluring than a full head of healthy, thick and lustrous-looking hair. No matter how expensive your cut or exquisite your colour, if hair is lacking in volume the results will never be anywhere near as luscious as you’d like.

With around 50% of people now affected by ultra-fine and thinning hair, finding a haircare system that actually retunes your hair and scalp for instantaneous thick and voluminous results, is pretty high on the agenda.  And whilst not particularly glamorous or sexy-sounding, the demand for such products has been filled by luxury hair treatment brand, Nioxin.

To the untrained eye, my slightly wavy hair is neither fine nor thinning. I do have fine hair, it’s just that luckily I have a hell of a lot of it. But to give it the guts that it requires I religiously use either a thickening spray or mousse pre-styling.  So, when news of the Nioxin Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Thickening Treatment at MichaelJohn’s new Fine Hair Clinic made it’s way over, I was gladly first in line to try out the treatment . . .

First hair was washed with the highly acclaimed Nioxin Cleanser, a volumising deep cleaning shampoo that removes environmental pollution, fatty acids and the follicle clogging sebums that can build up on hair, making it dull and lacklustre.

Next a nourishing but featherlight conditioner, Nioxin Scalp Revitiliser, was worked throughout the hair – scalp and roots too – and left for a couple of minutes to strengthen and nourish.

Finally, once hair felt squeaky clean, soft and malleable the Nioxin Scalp Renew Treatment was applied and massaged all over my scalp. The in-salon exfoliating treatment works like a microdermabrasion facial for the scalp,  using a blend of botanicals, vitamins, antioxidants and purifying agents to deeply cleanse and remove excess oils and build-up as well as boosting blood circulation in the scalp to promote healthy hair follicle growth. Because essentially a healthy scalp equates to healthy hair.

Often, I find that having a professional blow dry can make hair feel finer than it actually is, but after the Nioxin Fuller Hair Blow Dry my hair not only, felt noticeably thicker, fuller and more lustrous, it actually lasted days longer than usual. It seems that the cleansed hair works as a great base for long-lasting styling. I was concerned that the Nioxin treatments might strip hair and compromise on shine, but actually I left the salon with hair that was baby soft and super glossy.

MichaelJohn, 25 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4HU, 020 7629 6969

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