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BATD ON Aug 27, 2009 AT 4:24 pm

Visit the DuWop Lip Bar at Fenwick

Visit the DuWop Lip Bar at Fenwick

If you look with envy at Angelina’s alluring smile and Scarlett’s ruby red lips, and ask why was I not blessed with such a perfect pout? Luckily these days we can give nature a little helping hand and enhance certain areas. DuWop’s famous Lip Venom will give you lips to rival Jolie’s without any injections of suspicious animal substances.

Now you can get the perfect pout while out and about with the first DuWop Lip Bar in Fenwick’s, Bond Street. Stop by and check out the lippy range, which includes the classic Venom and the new addition, Lip Venom 2nd Sin.  Promising to plump and preen lips it also cools them down with its Maxi Lip and Cool Act formula and pomegranate and white tea anti oxidants, 2nd Sin helps to take the sting out of it.

The Lip Bar is open now stop by and peruse the range of primers, glosses and balms at your leisure. If you’ve got a hot date booked in this weekend with your very own Brad lookalike, we suggest you make it your first port of call…

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