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Chrissy ON Jul 12, 2013 AT 10:03 am

by Chrissy Iley

Bakel Cool Eyes

Bakel Cool Eyes

Occasionally I come across by accident or I’m given a product and I realise straight away it’s a hero product and I find it hard to be without it. Especially if it’s directly confronting an area of which I am insecure, like my worry about my lack of eyebrows, now over because of the Joey Healy Eyebrow Serum.

Next I moved on down to dark black circles and puffy tired eyes. I blamed the new moon, then the old moon, then Mercury retrograde for my lack of sleep and eye bags. Then came Bakel Cool Eyes, a confident looking silver container without preservatives, colouring agents, synthetic perfumes or silicones.

Immediately it goes on there’s a feeling of soothing and tingling as if the skin under your eyes is in its own pilates class, tightening and strengthening.

I’ve had the so-called miracle wands that are supposed to de-puff. I found them soothing only for a few minutes. Cool Eyes has an instant effect that stays. You apply the cream with the cool metal rollerball. The weight of it, the feel of it, the way it crosses you under eye area seems to be in itself a mini lymphatic drainage massage.

Cool Eyes says that it boosts firmness and elasticity. What is dramatic is the instant reduction of puffy eyes and darkness. The Cool Eyes has a psychological effect too. If you don’t look tired you don’t feel tired. You don’t look vulnerable therefore you’re strong.

I am told this is Demi Moore’s favourite product. Demi Moore has amazing eyes and gorgeous skin. When I met her a couple of years ago she told me that she’d never had any work done on her face and relied on good products. She also relies on looking strong and whatever she’s going through never letting it show on her face.

Bakel Cool Eyes, £75

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