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Mimi ON Mar 31, 2011 AT 2:34 pm

Bloww hair styling stations

Bloww hair styling stations


My hair hadn’t been cut for about 5 months so definitely needed a trim, however I wanted something a little different for Spring without having a drastic change. Nick helped me out with this one as he recommended a slightly blunter sweeping fringe cut further back into my longer hair. At this point I was completely confident Nick knew where I was coming from, so I just nodded as he prepared to make the snip.

The artwork in the salon

The artwork in the salon

After he finished the cut, he gave me the most fabulous blow-dry, volumised enough to look fabulous but not OTT… and it stayed! Considering I normally need a cement-based hairspray to keep my hair styled, I was very impressed that this blow-dry lasted me until 2am the next morning.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend heading down to BLOWW Hair and Urban Spa for a cut or a colour. The decor is contemporary and cool (I loved the mannequins draped with paint) without being cold and uninviting, the staff are very friendly and clearly good at what they do… and they make a mean cappuncino! However if you do visit, remember there’s a beauty salon downstairs! They do everything from facials to pedicure (there’s even colonic irrigation coming soon apparently) and the space is completely different to the above ground salon; very quiet with an asian twist and serene atmosphere.

Hair Cut and Colour from £38
Full Head of Highlights from £115
Treatments from £20

For more information visit:

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