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Mimi ON Mar 31, 2011 AT 2:34 pm

Bloww Salon

Bloww Salon

by Emma Skipper

Springtime is fast approaching and last week I was feeling the need for change. It might have been the weather teasing me, but I suddenly got the urge to go blonder. Not bleach blonde, just sun-kissed and healthy – unlike my hair’s drab winter tones from the harsh temperatures and my general overstyling. For this reason I thought it a prime opportunity to go and try out BLOWW Hair and Urban Spa off Beak Street for a bit of a Spring style overhaul.

BLOWW Hair and Urban Spa is an über modern and very stylish salon offering both hair and beauty treatments to its customers. Situated right next to Regent Street, it’s the perfect place to visit if you’re up for a shopping trip and pamper session and I had the good fortune of popping in last Saturday for a style overhaul with the salon’s lovely manager, Nick.

Bloww Wash room

Bloww Wash room

Having taken me through a very quick consultation, Nick set to work on my highlights – I knew what I wanted but like to give stylists a bit of a free rein to allow them to interpret it the way they see it working best… because let’s be honest, I’ll never look good with black hair. I’d said I wanted a slightly lighter, sun-kissed look to take me warmly into Spring and he got what I wanted to a ‘T’. Whilst he was foiling my head with two gorgeous blonde tones – a sandy blonde and a warmer honey blonde – we chatting everything from fashion week (BLOWW are set to start their own Hair academy soon) to the best dry shampoo (the salon are currently in the development stages of creating their own brand of hair care and the dry shampoo is high on the list of hero products), which was a great way to pass the time during the colouring stages!

Having had my colour done I was escorted through to the wash room which was a dark and cavernous space with spotlights illuminating individual wash basins. The atmosphere is completely removed from the bustling salon floor, even though it’s only metres away, and you get to completely relax as you have your hair washed and head massaged (definitely don’t pass this up if it’s offered, it was incredible!). Once I’d come back to reality from my near-coma state, I was then taken to another station where Nick began to give me that much-needed hair cut.

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