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Mimi ON Sep 24, 2010 AT 2:45 am

Texture was key at Sass & Bide...

We cannot wait to try out this layered, textured look the GHD team created for Sass & Bide’s Spring 2011 collection – it makes us think of the effortlessly chic Chloe Sevigny. The modern up-do!

The hair was styled by GHD ambassador Renya Xydis who took inspiration from Sass & Bide duo, Heidi Middleton and Sarah Jane Clarke. What was that inspiration? An ‘imaginary friend ‘Papa Sucre’ [French for Sugar Daddy]’. We have no idea what that has to do with the collection (designers play it a bit fast and loose with the word ‘inspiration’…) but there’s no doubting the hair is fabulous!


1. Prep the hair by applying a generous amount of ghd Maximise Mousse to dry hair from roots to ends, before combing the product through the hair

2. Part hair in the middle, before rough drying the hair, don’t worry about using a brush

3. Once the hair is dry of product, brush the hair out with a mason pearson brush, to ensure it is snag free

4. Curl the last three inches of the hair using your ghd IV styler, to curl keep the styler horizontal and rotate it 180 degrees, pulling down through the last three inches of the hair

GHD stylists do amazing work!

5. Now start to braid one side of the hair, clip the other side out of the way. Once you have completely finished the first braid, repeat the step again for the other side

6. Make sure both braids go to the top of the head, so that loose hair at the end of both braids can be tied into a topknot

7. Fix the topknot in place using kirby grips and finish with a spritz of ghd ultimate hairspray

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