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Mimi ON Nov 10, 2011 AT 9:14 am

Glitterati Nails for my Miu Miu booties

Glitterati Nails for my Miu Miu booties

by Emma Skipper

With my obsession with the new Miu Miu glitter heels, I felt it was only right I find a suitable mani/pedi to top off my look. On my hunt I found just the place to give me the look I needed, The Beauty Lounge in Kingly Court, London.

The Beauty Lounge offer their Glitterati nails from OPI (you can choose from 4 colours) and I head in for a talon turnover using Bring On The Bling. After a quick nail prep, my manicurist popped on a clear base coat and two coats of the glitter polish on top. I was really impressed with the density of the polish after just two coats, it’s rare you get the full coloured effect without a coloured base.

My manicurist also said that as glitter polish is slightly more resilient (as you’ll know if you’ve ever had to remove it!) these manis last much longer than normally polishes. Plus another handy tip is, if you find glitter polish hard to remove, soak your nails in acetone quickly before buffing your nails clean. It’s definitely a trick I’ll be trying to take these glittery tips off!


OPI colours for the Glitterati mani/pedi at The Beauty Lounge

OPI colours for the Glitterati mani/pedi at The Beauty Lounge


For a quick paint and shape mani it’s only £18 (£25 for a pedi) and I was in and out in 20 mins so it’s the perfect treatment to opt for on a Friday lunchbreak to set yourself up for the weekend.

To book in call 0207 734 6161 although they do accept walk in appointments as well.

Buy Bring On The Bling HERE…

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