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Mimi ON Aug 10, 2011 AT 3:07 pm

We love Lakme cosmetics

We love Lakme cosmetics

by Dil Uppal

Today’s Global Beauty comes to you from India! Lakme is a cosmetics company owned by Unilever and one of the few home-grown, mass market cosmetics brands in India – they’re also the main sponsors of India’s Fashion Week.

They have a huge array of products, all good quality at cheap prices. Unfortunately Lakme isn’t available outside of India but we thought we’d highlight two interesting products from the line, just for kicks!

Firstly, the Kajal – because you know we love a good eyeliner!

The Lakme Kajal and Lakme Jewel Sindoor

The Lakme Kajal and Lakme Jewel Sindoor

This ultra-black eyeliner contains castor oil which gives it an ultra-smooth appearance as well as helping to grow lashes. Since it’s applied at the root of your lash, we can actually see this working quite well!

The Lakme Jewel Sindhoor is something slightly different.

It’s sort-of line an eyeliner, except it’s to place pigment in the parting of your hair. Get a centre or side part going (make sure it’s a straight line) and use the applicator to apply a shot of colour straight down – looks gorgeous on jet black hair with a monochromatic outfit.

You may not be able to buy (unless you’re in India!) but you can browse the Lakme website here >


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