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Mimi ON Oct 12, 2011 AT 1:19 pm

Tony Moly Intensive Repair Live Snail Cream

Tony Moly Intensive Repair Live Snail Cream

This week’s Global Beauty is a bit weird (again) – introducing Tony Moly Intensive Repair Live Snail Cream.

Snail Creams are formulated with real snail slime or ‘mucin’ and have proven to be quite popular, despite the gross-factor. Apparently snail slime contains a chemical which aids in moisturising and repairing skin – leaving it plump and even in colour.

Read the product description below:

Tonymoly Intense Repair Live Snail Line is premium moisturising, rejuvenating series containing snail slime. This brings about a noticeable rejuvenation on skin. Snail slime is famous for its amazing self-healing property.

I’m all for natural and organic products but there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed (and it turns out that line is drawn in snail slime). Tell us – would you use it?

You can read more about the line here:

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