Global Beauty: Banish The Blemish

Mimi ON Aug 17, 2011 AT 2:42 pm

Nexcare Acne Patch

Keep you skin clear with Nexcare Acne Dressing

by Dil Uppal

Today’s Global Beauty is a simple solution to a major problem. Nexcare Acne Dressing is a pack of tiny dots of hydrocolloid dressing which help to heal pimples if worn overnight.

Hydrocolloid dressing absorbs secretion and promotes healing of acne
The dressing protects acne from dirt and other contaminants
Waterproof and breathable

Apply the patch to your spot like a little plaster and in the morning you’ll notice that the offending spot has dramatically lessened in size or, indeed, disappeared. The most satisfying bit? The dressing is also great at absorbing sebum (pus) so if you have a whitehead, you’ll see a lovely white patch on the dressing the next day where the sebum has been extracted by the patch.

Nexcare Acne Dressing really is a fantastic product – I’m never without a pack and they do actually work, no wonder they’ve achieved cult status in Asia…

You can buy them at

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