Global Lust: Magnetic Nails

Chrissy ON Jun 25, 2012 AT 8:44 pm

Gareth Pugh Filthy Gorgeous London Nails

by Chrissy Iley

For a while I’ve been stuck in a phase of classic nails, either red or white. It’s been several months now. But then Filthy Gorgeous London sent me Fishnet Magnetic Nail Polish and I was jolted out of my addiction by the rather spectacular Gold Digger.

For years I favoured Gold Minx which ruined the nail, the nail bed, in fact, everything about the nail. But I could never find a polish gold enough. Here it is. It’s very, very gold. Goes on smoothly and then magic: You hold the magnet which is concealed in the cap of the bottle for five seconds over the wet nail and the magical pattern of fishnet stockings appear.

It took a few attempts to get this right. You have to hold the magnet very close and the polish has to be still wet, so it’s best to do nail by nail. The gold is so bright and glossy it sits beautifully against all skin tones and is surprisingly summery. I’m loving my gold fingers.

The other shade is Heart Breaker, a metallic ruby pink. And keep an eye out for the new Filthy Gorgeous shades Rosy Posy – a neon pink – and Air Kiss – a neon blue.

And if you can bear to think that far ahead, for Christmas their technology will be heightened as they are currently working on new magnetic designs which include a heart, a Union Jack, and pinstripes, perfectly placed for the Christmas party season.

Filthy Gorgeous Gold Digger

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