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BATD ON Apr 22, 2010 AT 2:03 pm

Gold Facial

By Debbie Djordjevic

All that glistens is sometimes gold when it comes to the new wave of beauty treatments to hit our beauty repertoire in the last few months. So I was keen to test out the Elixir d’Or facial now being offered by beauty therapist, Fere from Fere & Co, at Neville’s in London’s Kensington. This treatment concentrates on the face, neck and décolleté and provides relief for tired, lack-lustre skin that’s looking for a boost.

Developed by those clever people at Jean d’Estrees over in France, the products combine the anti-ageing properties of both calcium and gold for a mega-watt dose of good things being massaged into the skin.

Calcium has been used in China for aesthetic purposes for 2,000 years and in this treatment comes in a pure form taken from freshwater pearls. Putting calcium back into the skin is good to stimulate the cells natural re-growth and protects cells making skin feel plump and younger.

The gold (Oligo-Cellular Gold to give it it’s correct title) is encapsulated in calcium rich micro-beads which ensures a gradual release into your skin during the facial. The gold revives the complexion making it brighter and therefore again, younger looking.

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