A Royal Bouquet

Mimi ON Mar 08, 2011 AT 11:19 am

Floris Wedding Bouquet

Floris Wedding Bouquet

Whether you’re excited or not about ‘the’ wedding of the century (we have to admit we are more thrilled about butterLONDON’s No More Waity Katy being restocked at Zuneta – which lasted all of two seconds), it has certainly got beauty brands thinking outside the box and creating some rather gorgeous wedding-y products.

We like this limited edition Floris Wedding Bouquet fragrance for the sheer romance as each floral note used is said to have a special meaning in the language of flowers when used in a bouquet.

Jasmine signifies eternal love, Lily of the Valley says ‘you have made my life complete’, orange blossom means innocence and Stephanotis signifies happiness in marriage.


£90, www.florislondon.com

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