GTL: Beyoncé in 1+1

Mimi ON Sep 01, 2011 AT 9:34 am

Beyonce in 1+1

Beyonce in 1+1

Beyoncé’s recent video for 1+1 blew our socks off with some simple production, awesome lighting, her smoking figure and fabulous makeup. In ode to the recent video (and news that’s she’s pregnant!) we’ve picked this smoking hot smoky eye from the video for a get the look.

Her looking is all about dewy, glowing skin and either nude naturals or a slightly grungy-yet-luxy smoky eye and we love what they’ve done here using a slightly golden wet look.

Acheiving this look is actually very simple. All you need is a great Kohl liner, a matt black eye shadow and some ultra rich golden/green pigment.

Beyonce's eyes in 1+1

Beyonce's eyes in 1+1


Take your black shadow (we love the Bourjois Intense Extrait in Noir Fusain) and contour your socket (covering the entire lid but building in the crease). Once that’s done, take a blunt shadow brush and roughly smudge in the same colour underneath your eye.

Having done this, take slightly wet brush and gentle dip it in a MAC Pigment pot (in a shade like Old Gold or Antique Green). Tap the excess off and then paint the pigment into the corner of your eye, underneath your lower lash line and finally on the dome of the eye. Take a clean brush and make sure this is all blended in.

Next take a soft kohl pencil (like Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil Jet Black) and heavily fill your inner eyeline in, smudging the pencil into the shadow line. Again take the clean brush and blend in all together.

Finally take a beefy mascara like GivenchyPhenome’eyes mascara and put at coat your lashes in at least two layers.

And there you have it. A gorgeous smoky eye with a wet/metallic finish. Perfect for a night out!



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