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Mimi ON Feb 10, 2011 AT 4:19 pm

Dianna Agron at the I Am Number Four premiere

Dianna Agron at the I Am Number Four premiere

Dianna Agron has gone all Bardot on us at the front of this hair style. Her cute fringe has been blow-dried around a large round brush at different angles to give it that slightly bowled look and we love it… especially with the dark eyes!

For the rest of the ‘do’, after washing apply Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam to your roots and blow-dry you hair around a large round brush and set the top sections in large rollers to cool. After it’s cooled, take the rollers out, turn your head upside down and spray with flexible hairspray (any Elnette will do at this point). Shake your hair out and then separate it into layers, back-brushing the roots with a fine comb as you go.

Dianna Agron - bun styling

Dianna Agron - bun styling

Gently brush the top layer of hair out so the style looks smoothe but maintains the back-brushed volume and then take your hair into a mid-height ponytail. Make sure that you adjust the ponytail so that the hair on your crown looks light and volumised and then pin the ends of the ponytail to your head to achieve the look that Dianna has done here.

Spritz over hairspray again and you all set to go… well potentially without the diamonds anyway.

Catch Dianna Agron’s new film, I Am Number Four, in cinemas on 23rd February.

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