Guilt Free Face Wipes

Chrissy ON Sep 17, 2013 AT 10:30 am

by Chrissy Iley

guilt free face wipes

I am very excited when Murad were promising me Guilt Free Face Wipes – not because I ever get guilty about using wipes to remove make-up. In fact I feel very self-satisfied if I clean my face at all. I have been known to go to bed guilt free without removing my make-up.

Murad Clarifying Wipes

I don’t know what I did before the invention of wipes. I am a wipe girl. I like the ones that smell of cucumber. I like the Johnson & Johnson nighttime ones – they feel like a mini facial with night cream.

I like the ones from Ole Henriksen that smell so clean with a slight note of apricot. I like them because they come slightly quilted for extra efficiency.

I am pretty much the face wipes queen. I am very happy to welcome Murad into my court.

These wipes don’t just cleanse they tingle and tone, and even tighten. Quite magnificent in one little quick wipe.

They are super high quality. You can almost feel them moving bacteria. They are designed for blemish prone skins because of their fast pore de-clogging action. Non-blemish skins of course can benefit also. They are also packed with algae extract, grape seed extract and Vitamin E. And they have that lovely cucumber extract that hydrates.

Murad says that there are five times when it’s okay to wipe – when you’re too tired to see properly; when you’ve been to the gym but shower at home; when you’re travelling on a plane, train or automobile; when there’s no running water in sight; when you’re super shiny and blemishes are bothersome; or need a make-up touch-up.

As far as I’m concerned that pretty much covers the whole of life. That’s not to say I don’t love a good cleanse, scrub and mask, but I reserve that for special occasions when I might have more than five minutes, not be on a plane or not be tired or too drunk to see my face.

Murad wipes feel very powerful, very thorough in their skin cleansing and polishing. A good facial wipe buys you back time and life.

Murad Clarifying Wipes, £9.95 for 30 wipes

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