Hair Envy: The Thick Of It

Jourdana ON Jul 15, 2013 AT 8:17 am

If there’s just one thing I took from this year’s men’s Wimbledon final, it was this: I am a little obsessed with Kim Sears. Call it love, call it lust, call it a girl crush. Whatever it is, it’s a hair thing. And boy does she have it. In abundance.

Hair envy: Kim Sears

But this is no simple Alexa-Olivia-Karlie style hair coveting. This is something else entirely. Because whilst all of them have the type of hair I’d happily trade my entire wardrobe for, neither one of the aforementioned’s tresses would look anywhere near as naturally gutsy glossy and healthy as Sears’ does, were it not for the genius cutting techniques and deft styling prowess of the likes of George Northwood, Stephen Low, Garren Defazio, respectively.

Despite its mirror-like shine and flawless choppy layers, somehow Sears’ hair appears barely touched by either product or on-hand hair stylist. Sitting somewhere between that almost-unachievable Parisian insouciance that remains the sole preserve of lithe Isabel Marant-clad girls and the bouncy blown-out glossiness associated, season upon season, with Gucci catwalk models; Sears is to hair, what Miranda Kerr is to body beautiful, or Diane Kruger to poreless skin.

But what it really comes down to, is not the smoothing, glossing serum plied through the lengths, nor is it the seamless sun-kissed lights that blend their way, expensively, through the glossy tips. This, quite simply, is all about quality and condition. It’s about hyper-naturally healthy, virgin hair. Albeit with a great hit of colour and some rather fabulous heavy layers.

It’s hair that radiates a diet rich in Omega 3s (as, by the way, do Sears’ teeth and clear bright eyes) and plenty of exercise. You can even see it now, swinging glossily to-and-fro as she works her way through an all-too-easy 5 km run – or so we imagine.

But how to get it?

Forget volumising dry shampoos and those puffed-up powders that whilst adding oomph also add a little tackiness (fine for the odd styling session, not ideal for day-to-day usage), and instead look to a slew of new products that actively work to boost hair growth.

First up, is Phylia de M.’s newest offering, Re-Connect. A potent serum, Re-Connect boasts a custom combination of aloe, tannic and fulvic acids working to renew scalp cells and restore keratin production. Simply spritz into the roots of damp, freshly-washed hair for boosted hair follicles, stronger strands and optimum growth from the inside-out.

And then there’s Diaboost, the latest addition to Nioxin’s tried and tested 3-step thickening system which  harnesses a cocktail of skincare’s most high-performance ingredients; caffeine, panthenol, niacinamide and the protective polymer, dimethicone, for haircare. Working externally to enhance the thickness of each individual hair strand and increasing the diameter by up to 4.5 % on wet hair, Diaboost also strengthens hair from the root to encourage resilience to breakages, allowing your tresses to grow fuller, seemingly faster, and most vital of all, healthier.

Phylia de M. Re-Connect, £60

Nioxin Diaboost, £30.75 



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