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Chrissy ON Aug 30, 2012 AT 7:51 am

by Chrissy Iley

Some years ago I had hair extensions. While I actually couldn’t stand the feel of them in my head, I got headaches from the heaviness and couldn’t bear to put my hands through a head of hardened glue, I became addicted to their look.

My hair looked so limp and pathetic without them, and every time they were taken out it looked limper because huge chunks of hair would come out with them and be broken off by the weight of the glue. I had to have a year in hats and bad ponytails to get away from them.

I suffer from thin lifeless hair and every volumising product that’s ever been invented has passed between my bathroom and my follicles. There’s been points where I considered therapy. Then I discovered highlights. They make your hair thicker and coarser, and all was well.

But still when I looked at the new A-List hair extensions looking so glossy so light so Goldilocksy in their box I couldn’t resist.

They come in multiple shades. I have a sunlit platinum blonde and more golden glowy blonde and I took them to my hairdresser Alex Laskowska at John Frieda in New Cavendish Street.

Alex Laskowska at John Frieda in New Cavendish Street

Alex has already been doing wonders for my lifeless hair, giving it texture, life, edge. She’s one of those special hairstylists who have healing hands and an excellent eye.

Clip-In hair extensions will not take the six to eight hours that glue or weave in ones need. But they will take around an hour and with cut and blow-dry a total of one and a half hours.

A-List Clip-In Hair Extensions by Feleny Georghiou are designed to add volume and length. They come in various widths and are all 20 inches. If you want volume not specifically length these will need to be trimmed.

Alex set about this by trimming them once they were on my head to see how they worked. She said, ‘For hair extensions you must use a razor to cut them because it gives a textured look. Scissors would be too clumpy and not look like real hair.’

Alex was impressed with the weight and feel because they have the same weight and feel of real hair and they can be heat styled without going into a frizzy clumpy meltdown.

Alex explained that the longer extensions go at the top shorter at the bottom and she mixed in two colours of blonde for extra realism.

They are available in seven two-tone shades from Soft Black to Chestnut Brown to Golden Blonde.

Alex backcombed the hair before placing the tiny clip-on comb beneath it saying, ‘There must be enough hair to cover the extension and place it underneath.’

Once they have been trimmed into the length and style it’s very easy to do them yourself. Most hair stylists will agree clip-on hair is much better for your real hair than permanent extensions.

Chrissy Iley wearing A-List Clip In Hair Extensions

Alex’s assistant said that he doesn’t have any friends who go out with their own hair. They all use clip-on extensions and wigs because they are so much better than real hair.

I have a friend who has her extensions re-extended every few months at a cost of £1,000.

The full set of A-List Clip-In Hair Extensions costs £19.99 and is available from major Tesco stores.

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