Hair Fix: Sebastian Trilliance Shine Crafter Wax

BATD ON Feb 06, 2013 AT 3:00 pm

Nothing puts me off daily hair washing quite like the feel of freshly cleansed hair. It’s just too slippery, too soft. Too pliable to be styled. Just washed, it simply falls, albeit glossily, in a rather unflattering non-styled curtain, refusing to be tonged or blown into submission.

Versace SS13

Versace SS13

Tried and tested methods have included skipping conditioner but all I’m left with is nappy, matted tresses that snap and break no matter how gentle and Tangle Teezer-efficient I am. A blast of dry shampoo, from root to tip, (I’m a lifelong Batiste addict) adds a certain oomph, but mattifies and deadens that just-washed shine, whilst numerous evening hair washing rituals have been attempted to varying degrees of success (air drying is not ideal on a cold winter’s night it turns out), all in the hope that a night’s sleep would wear-in my hair just enough to get that workable day-old texture that creates the most groomed and glossy looks.

I have however found a miracle product. Just as I was preparing myself for a lifetime of asking “can I get away with another day without shampoo?” I dipped my fingers into the shimmering, pink-flecked pot of mouldable goo that is Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shine Crafter Mouldable Wax, rubbed it between my fingers and worked it through the lengths of my squeaky, sheeny clean mane. All of a sudden my hair looked a little more lived-in, a little less try hard, frizz-free and smoothed but not slippery-soft. Clean and fresh but in a mussed-up, piece-y kind of way. The way it does 2 days after a fabulous blow-dry. Shiny and gorgeous and yet totally un-done.

I have since found out that the Trilliance Shine Crafter Wax is fabulously multi-purpose and can be used on damp hair as a medium-hold base to a blow dry. Or use, as I do, by working a pea-sized amount fingers through the lengths and ends of hair with fingers to give shine-infused definition.

Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shine Crafter Mouldable Wax, £13.95,

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