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Mimi ON May 03, 2011 AT 8:50 am

E-One Laser Hair Removal System (Rose)

E-One Laser Hair Removal System (Rose)

Tis the season to talk hair removal!

The at-home laser hair removal market is booming at the moment and while we’ve tried almost every at-home product on the market – nothing quite compares to an in-clinic, professional treatment.

Why do we keep looking? Well – to put it bluntly - we hate hair removal! It’s a chore and you still have to deal with in-between  growth periods. Permanent hair removal is the ideal but the price keeps it out of reach for many – that’s why relatively cheaper, at-home devices have become so popular!

Just when we were giving up on the luxury of permanent hair removal in the confines of our own home – we met the E-One!

This at-home laser hair removal system has been clinically proven to deliver professional results. Not only that, it can be used all over and customised not only to the body part you’re treating but to the colour of your skin and thickness of hair – sounds promising!

“The E-One personal hair removal machine is the only product on the market that delivers professional results – its efficiency* has been clinically proven.

Laser Hair Removal at home - it's the dream!

Whether its used on light skin or tanned skin, blonde hair or black hair, in summer or in winter, after only a few treatments at home there will be very little regrowth, and the skin will maintain its softness.

The E-One eliminates the stress in hair removal – you will no longer need to make appointments at a clinic. The E-One is very easy to use, at any time of day, in any room of the house.

Finally, after an average of 10 to 12 treatments (approx. 2 months apart), only 1 or 2 uses per year should be required to keep your skin clear and hair free.”

We’ve just finished our second treatment and it looks promising so far: the hair has thinned out nicely and it compares well to professional laser hair removal.

As for ease of use, it can be a bit daunting to begin with but it’s actually quite easy to tap your way through menus and get zapping. The wide laser also means it’s a doddle to cover large areas like your legs.

Only time will tell whether it works as well as professional treatments and we’ll definitely keep you posted – so keep an eye out! Want to join us on our trial? You can purchase the E-One here.

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