Hair Tools of the Trade

Mimi ON Aug 16, 2012 AT 9:30 am


Tools of the Trade

Whatever your style of choice or the seasonal trends, whether you’re creating Veronica waves or beach waves, pulling hair into a simple chignon or a top knot or perfecting a New York blow out, these are the tools that you – and your hair – need.

Mason Pearson Popular Mix Brush £66

A true investment piece,  the combined natural boar bristles and nylon spikes on this Mason Pearson hairbrush will last you a lifetime. Perfect for brushing out just-tonged waves, pulling hair into ponytails and adding smoothed, glossiness to any style.


Tangle Teezer £10.99

The spiky, super flexible bristles on this Tangle Teezer brings an end to tears, snags or split ends caused by over-zealous, wet-hair brushing. Use it in the shower, on the beach, on wet or dry hair, it even works it’s detangling magic on matted, backcombed and over-worked locks.


Denman Head Hugger 33 mm Round HairBrush £8.20

The ceramic-coated barrels on this brush hold heat without singeing hair, whilst the gently sloping hourglass shaped barrel contours the head to create the perfect volume-boosted blowdry.


Goody Spin Pins £5.50

Unbelievably, these coiled pins boast the hair-holding ability of 20 kirby grips and are amazing for secretly securing chignons, up do’s and all manner of buns. Simply twist hair into said style, and corkscrew one pin into the top and the second up in the opposite direction, from the base. Et voila!


Blax Invisible Hair Elastics, £3.50

For the past few seasons braids and ponytails have held centre stage in the world of beauty and for autumn winter they continue to do so, which is why now is the time to buy yourself some Blax Invisible Hair Ties. Ideal for securing the visible ends of plaits, braids and ponytails, these super fine, snag-free elastic bands will ensure your styling is as flawless and covert as possible.


Leo Bancroft Hair Bungee £3.50

Although they’re the stylists’ hair tie of choice, don’t be intimidated by these new-fangled complicated-looking hair bands. Once you’ve got the hang of the metal securing hooks, you’re unlikely to go back to the traditional hair elastic. Not only do they hold hair more securely, but they won’t tug on hair like a standard hair band, and can be adjusted to hair no matter the thickness.


Windle & Moodie Revolving Iron 31″ £75

Quite simply, since it’s launch last year this has become the curling iron of choice. International super hair stylist Neil Moodie (one half of the Windle and Moodie team) has created this truly transformative rotating curling tong to take all of the twisting and turning work out of your hands, allowing you to reach the back lengths of your hair with ease. So forget burns, scalds and (worse!) messy non-uniform waves, because this curling iron rotates smoothly and independently from the handle to create a multitude of glossy, boosted styles.


Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Wavers £74.99

If you’re looking to create those insouciant, beachy waves a la Elle Macpherson, without a ton of salt-spray product or crispy, hair scrunching mousse, this is the tool for you. With the biggest barrels on the market, the Enrapture Jumbo Wavers clamp onto sections of hair creating large S shaped waves, rather than the traditional twisting curl that you get from a curling tong. Simply work down from the mid lengths of hair for a textured rock-chic effect, or overlap sections of waved hair for more random, less defined waves.



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