Halloween Hair and Makeup 4

Mimi ON Oct 27, 2010 AT 11:31 am

Sue Sylvester

Sue Sylvester

Sue Sylvester

We’re definitely Gleeks over here, and absolutely love Sue Sylvester.  Luckily, her look is very easy to recreate—perfect for a last minute idea.

You’ll need a blond boycut wig, unless your hair is already short and blonde of course.

On the show Sue wears minimal makeup, we suggest sticking to neutral colors and lining the bottom lash line with a brown liner (like this one by ELF in either Ash or Coffee) and using brown mascara rather than black (try Sexy Curves Mascara in Brown Black).

To age yourself (Sue has noticeable wrinkles such as her furrowed brows and laugh lines).  To get wrinkles, you may be able to find a “Wrinkle Stipple” at a fancy dress or costume shop, we found this one online.  To create the look yourself.  Shine a flashlight under your face to show all the imperfections and etches in your skin (scary, we know)—remember to concentrate on your brow and around your eyes.  Then, periodically scrunch areas of your face and stipple (with a sponge) foundation (like MAC’s Longwear Foundation) over the lines, so that the foundation sticks in the grooves.

Complete your look with a tracksuit, megaphone and stopwatch… and pearls if you’re trying to impress…

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