Mimi ON Jan 12, 2018 AT 1:37 pm

By Vesi Maslenishka

I recently talked about how well I got on with HealGel Intensive. I have sensitive skin and its cooling effect really helped my problematic areas around my chin, where my skin needs the most moisture. I loved it so much that I’ve been trying out HealGel Face as a more of an everyday moisturiser for my face.

HealGel Face

HealGel Face

The face cream comes in a pink pump bottle. I prefer this because it’s more hygienic, I personally don’t like dipping into a pot of cream, it just isn’t my thing. My first impressions were that the texture of the face cream was very different to the intensive, both the way it looked and felt. This was milkier as opposed to the intensive which has more of a translucent gel texture. Three – four pumps of the stuff is all you need for the whole of your face and neck.

It has been very gentle on my skin and I haven’t experienced any irritation, though, I am finding that I may have to go back to certain areas and add more as I’m still getting very dry patches around my chin. If you have skin like mine, using a mixture of the face and intensive is probably best – massage the face cream all over, then going back with the intensive and topping up the areas that need a little extra TLC.

HealGel Face is available here £48.

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