Heidi Klum’s Best Beauty Tips

BATD ON Mar 12, 2010 AT 2:16 pm

Heidi Klum

The stunning German supermodel shares her words of beauty wisdom, in a recent interview for a promotional video.

The video was made to coincide with her front cover appearance on America’s Marie Claire magazine, and shows her imparting her first-hand advice for bad hair days, skin care and last minute makeup.

For hair she recommends wearing a hat… so I’m glad she made up for that tip by going on to say that putting on the accessory or tying up tresses is a great way to hide any hair disasters.

She said: “I have had many hair nightmares. But it’s very easy for someone with long hair, you just put it in a bun or put a cute hat on.”

To get her flawless skin, she says simple skincare is the way forward: “My skin care routine is very easy. I wash my face religiously. When you wear a lot of make-up like I do it’s so important to really, super-clean your face so your pores are open.”

However some of us clearly don’t have the time for a ”super-clean”, so the 36-year-old suggests applying a simple, good quality tinted moisturiser to look instantly refreshed, along with a dab of eyes, lip and blush colour: “I would do eyelash curler, mascara, a nice lip stain and blush.”

I’ve tried this and don’t look anything like Heidi Klum… but it’s definitely an improvement. Although you won’t find me wearing a hat in the office, I tend to just reach for the Batiste.

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