Hmm: What Shall I Name My Fragrance?

BATD ON May 20, 2010 AT 10:30 am

Ralph Lauren - Big Pony

Ralph Lauren - Big Pony

I know, Big Pony!

Ok, we get it Ralph Lauren – it’s all based around the guys who wear the RL polos to the match with the big pony logo, but how many creative heads did it take to come up with Big Pony? And who is going to admit to wearing Big Pony? The most macho man in the world would struggle.

So far, we haven’t spotted Abercrombie calling their fragrance Big Moose, or Hermes naming theirs Big Horse With Carriage. We don’t like it and think it’s a brave chap who’d fess up to Big Pony being part of their grooming routine.

What do you say?

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