Holiday In A Bottle

Mimi ON Aug 27, 2013 AT 9:20 am

Holiday in a bottle

Holiday in a bottle

By Chrissy Iley 

I’ve always thought there was something specifically stressful/depressing about this time of year, like Boxing Day. Holiday fun is over and it’s back to school. There’s something about the greyer mornings that always remind me of that dull ache in the pit of my stomach – school’s back, no fun ahead. Everyone has finished their summer holiday. It’s not quite X Factor live shows and it’s certainly not Christmas.

You can’t help but associate this time of year with fading suntans, skin ready for a dry pallid winter.

Which is why the thought of Time Bomb’s Holiday in a Bottle is instantly cheering. It’s quite an amazing thing. It literally brings you a little glass of sunshine so your skin always looks like it’s just returned from a beachy holiday.

It’s not a self-tanner, a stain or a foundation. It’s something that’s all of these and none of these. The innovators, and they really are innovators at Federici Brands, are calling it ‘liquid sunshine’.

It comes in a blush pink container in two shades – Sun Kissed, a lighter glow – and Sun Tanned, a bigger statement.

It’s a pale blushed pink cream which transforms on your skin. It’s not oily or sticky and it features micro-pigments that burst on touch that give a warmth to face and neck area.

The formula is sheer and blends with any skin tone, promising to give it endless summer. The glow that it gives is totally natural, and somehow it seems to have magical highlighting properties.

In summer I’m less inclined to pack on a full foundation. It somehow feels hot and sticky. But Holiday In A Bottle couldn’t seem more fresh.

It is £28 for 30ml so you can actually take it on holiday with you. It fits in hand luggage nicely.

It launches on QVC, August 26.


Federici Brands are also behind my must have shampoo, Lulu’s Operation Glam Lock Star. It gives incredible volume and shine at the same time, which is almost impossible.

The chemist behind this brand is a doctor of miracles. I always take it with me to every hair salon because it is invariably better than anything they have on offer.

I had some Lock Star that was a permanent resident of John Frieda’s LA salon.

Imagine my sadness at the thought of this salon closing down and being taken over by the Olsen Twins and my horror the other day when I went in to retrieve my shampoo and found only the Olson Twins and a team of girls in big shirts and tiny jeans scuttling around, taking measurements.

All the other shampoos remained intact. Only one missing in action – Operation Glam shampoo was lost.  I had to order one immediately on Amazon and will use only John Frieda’s Volume Dry Shampoo until it comes.

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