House of Fraser’s First Fragrance

Mimi ON Jul 05, 2011 AT 9:28 am

The Apothecary Fragrance

The Apothecary Fragrance

House of Fraser has just announced the launch of their first fragrance under their Apothecary line, duly dubbed Apothecary.

The scent was created in partnership with Francois Robert, who says the fragrance ‘has a transparent feeling.’  In fact, the fragrance is very nice; super-citrusy top notes of lemon and mandarin blend with peach, melon, blackcurrant, and bergamot, while base noes of sandalwood and patchouli round out the fragrance.

The Apothecary bottle mimics old-fashioned pharmacies and is available for just £25 per 100ml.

Visit the Apothecary HERE…


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