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Mimi ON Aug 11, 2010 AT 3:05 pm

NIA 24's Sun Damage Repair For Decolletage and Hands

NIA 24's Sun Damage Repair For Decolletage and Hands

Nu-uh-oh; nobody wants the dreaded ‘holiday hands’, right?

While we’re all busy on the beach slathering on SPF all over our bodies, hands are often neglected – and even if they’re not, because they are exposed all the time, they show signs of damage first. So, unless you’re on some kind of glove-wearer’s gathering holiday, we suggest stocking up on NIA 24′s Sun Damage Repair For Decolletage and Hands.

Formulated in a rich, anti-ageing cream, it delivers intense moisture while improving the appearance of any photo damage. Using Pro-Niacin to strengthen the skin barrier, licorice, mulberry and bearberry to brighten and a blast of white tea to hold back time, it’s a power packed potion!

Counteracting sun damage is one of the beauty world’s trickiest problems, but Pro-Niacin has impressive clinical stats, and has been chosen by the National Cancer Institute for development as a potential skin cancer prevention agent. Wondering where to pick up this sun solution?

SpaceNk Stores nationwide, £45.

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