How Thrilling

BATD ON Feb 04, 2009 AT 10:22 am



Look out this month for the arrival of Joop!Thrill for him and for her; backed by a huge ad campaign and aiming to capture urban love. For her, the scent is dewy, peachy and floral with a dry-down of sandalwood and tonka bean, while for him, apples, bergamot and creamy vanilla make a sexy fusion. In the moody TV ads, it’s implied that there’s some urgent hanky panky in the back of a black cab – our press release says “There’s plenty of room in the back of a black cab, and those drivers, well they’ve seen it all, so discreet and professional..” It’s clearly been written by someone who’s never been in a London taxi. Joop!Thrill launches this month nationwide.

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