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These days it’s the men of Hollywood who are having all the work done.  Jackie Collins told me this and she should know.  There isn’t even a whiff of a scandal or betrayal or a hint of an eye job that goes on without her knowing.  And she is right, so many men with tiny sparkling eyes and eyebrows stretched into a permanently surprised face.

Women have wised up, the right cream and the right laser combo can strip years from your face without it looking like anything has gone on.  I was very excited to receive Murad’s Intensive Wrinkle Reducer with Durian Cell Reform.  It comes with glowing reviews promising to improve skin smoothness by 33% in two weeks and diminish the appearance of fine lines by 55% in twelve weeks.  People who have tried have their stories printed on the inside of the box.

Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer with Durian Cell Reform

Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer with Durian Cell Reform

“Wrinkles that I never thought would disappear started to diminish. It seems like everyone is searching for a product that will keep them looking younger. This is the only product I have found that has lived up to its promise.”

The cream itself has the texture of liquid satin and it smells of the smell I always wanted to bottle: it smells of fresh new clothes as you unwrap them from the tissue of a Barneys or Selfridges or Liberty’s bag.  It is the smell of indescribable freshness and promise with a hint of woodiness and that is exactly what this repair cream delivers, freshness and newness that is, definitely not the woodiness.

The effects are spectacular. I am also loving my Correcting Moisturiser from Murad. It too has a wonderful smell and it’s green, a pale, mint ice cream green and it tells me I am going to project self-confidence.  I have always wondered about those green-pigmented things, if they actually worked to take away redness.  This one is a perfect primer to the face, it also seems to smooth out blemishes and give a magnificent polished look that is not shiny or greasy, just elegant and smooth.

Dr. Murad, you have a convert.

Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer with Durian Cell Reform, £179,

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