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Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal at the Love and Other Drugs Premiere

Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal at the Love and Other Drugs Premiere

By Emma Skipper

Yes, I really did sit close enough to touch Jake Gyllenhaal… and it was glorious. Read on to see what the two stars had to say for themselves when I met with them to discuss their new movie, Love and Other Drugs…

Did you do a lot of research to prepare for this film?

Jake: “I read Jamie’s book. I also talked to him for a long time about the role. This movie is a lot about sex so I felt like it was appropriate to practice [sex] a lot.”

“I talked to a lot of pharmaceutical reps that I asked if they would take the drugs that they prescribe and half of them said no. It’s kind of a fascinating statistic.”

What was the main attraction of this story line?

Anne: “I really believe Jamie and Maggie’s love on the page. I had such a wonderful time working with Jake on Brokeback I believe we could get there again… The more conversations I had with Ed and Marshall the more it became apparent to me that it was an adventure worth taking.”

Jake: “I just think there comes a time in different peoples’ lives where they say ‘do I have real love, do I want real love, what is real love’ and when I read the script I happened to be in a period of time where that seemed to be a pressing question and for some reason I’ve always loved movies like Jerry Macguire and Jim Brooks movies. They’re closest actually to some kind of life that I live. I very rarely have a moment where I get excited and I go ‘somebody wrote this for me and they don’t know it’. And I felt that way when I read this the first time. Jamie says ‘sometimes your life doesn’t go the way you expect it to, usually it doesn’t and if you follow life and not what you think it should be, it will all work out in the end’. Somehow that just moved me to the core and I couldn’t not do [the movie].

Jake jokes…

“Plus I’ve always wanted to get naked with Annie again in a movie and I felt like this was an opportunity to help her. It was out of pity that I did it.”

Anne and Jake in one of the many nude scenes

Anne and Jake in one of the many nude scenes

On keeping the authenticity of the love scenes with nudity.

Jake: “When Annie came onto the project [movie] changed. It became about two people falling in love. We all decided if we were going to tell a love story, you know one of the essential elements of a love story is sex and it should be. If we were going to be as open and intimate as possible in the love story, we have to be that way in the sex [scenes]. How do you really truly, unconsciously believe that these people are in love if they don’t want to be naked around each other? I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never had sex with boxers on. Not to say I haven’t tried but I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Anne: “Doing nudity is sort of part of being an actor. I think that everyone wants to be respectful of each other and make each other feel as comfortable as possible. We really approached it from a very prepared place. We discussed what we wanted to do before hand. We discussed what we were comfortable with. We traded references from other films in order to establish an index that we could all share. Some of the intimate scenes required even more trust and were even more difficult to work through. Physical challenges are one thing but to actually leave yourself open, I found it to be difficult some days. That’s why I was so grateful that I had Jake as a partner who was so sensitive and respectful during the love scenes even more so during the emotional scenes.”

Anne jokes…

“And to be honest, I’ve had a chip on my shoulder since my nude scenes got cut from The Princess Diaries.”

Jake: “Even when you’re naked with someone in a scene. If you are literally blanketed by a story you believe in, then you feel safe. You do. You can feel it when it doesn’t feel right.”

Anne and Jake on set

Anne and Jake on set

How did you feel when you first saw yourselves naked on the screen?

Jake: “I thought I have never scene Anne Hathaway look so beautiful. I think Annie is incredibly shy but she’s an incredibly sexy person.”

On the emotional and physical toll of the more intense scenes…

Anne: “This job really confused me in a lot of ways. I didn’t know how not to take [Maggie] home with me. I think I was afraid of a lot, which normally I can talk through, but I was also playing a character that was trying to avoid feeling fear. Those scenes were difficult to film. I would have these little panics before we’d shoot the close-ups. This time I learned an awful a lot about what it’s like to need the people around you.”

You’ve been in the UK shooting recently, how are you finding your experience?

Anne: “I was in Edinburgh for a bit. I loved it. It was a little bit chilly but we were very lucky we got good weather every day.”

Have you felt burdened by the press attention?

Anne: “I’ve been the recipient of a lot of positive attention. In terms of my love life people have always been very respectful. It’s a give and a take. I felt taken advantage of sometimes. There have been a few times when people have just flat out spread misinformation.”

Do your days as a Disney princess seem a lifetime away?

Anne: “I don’t know how to explain it. My adolescence feels a million years away and being a teenager feels a million years away. I do feel like I’m in a different place but it doesn’t feel unrelated. It just feels like a natural progression.”

Anne and Jake topless - just as a taster of what you'll get on screen!

Anne and Jake topless - just as a taster of what you'll get on screen!

The pair had to be whisked away after that, which was probably a saving grace for Anne Hathaway and we probed into her life as a Disney Princess… I’d want to forget that too!

Love and Other Drugs in out on 29th December and I’d definitely recommend going to see it… if only to see Jake Gyllenhaal without clothes on. Hubba hubba.

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