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Ophelia Lovibond in Rachel Roy at the premiere for Mr Popper's Penguins

Ophelia Lovibond in Rachel Roy at the premiere for Mr Popper's Penguins

BATD: Are you a big shopper? What places do you go for shops and designers to go for?

O: I do lots of vintage shopping. I like finding things knowing no one else is going to have it on. Also, the tailoring is always nice. But in terms of designers I love MiuMiu, Mulberry, McQueen… Oh and Moschino. I don’t know it depends on my mood.

BATD: And would that be for sort of red carpet as well?

O: I don’t pick certain designers for red carpet. It doesn’t matter whether it’s designer or not. I think I’d rather wear something vintage because, again, you know no one else has it. I had Rachel Roy I think, for Mr. Popper’s premier. Her dresses are really simple almost like Calvin Klein, quite simple lines.

BATD: In Mr. Popper’s Penguins your look is very office chic. Do you like that kind of look?

O: Well, for my audition I wore that. A Miu Miu polka dot shirt in a mint green with pink felt dots and a big bow and then a blazer with my hair swept up. Then the Director Mark saw it he just said said, “Let’s go with that. So we tried to find printed shirts with bows and then fitted jackets to mirror Jim’s costume but for it to still be hippie.

BATD: It’s nice to have that kind of creative input.

O: Yea, it was brilliant, I didn’t expect it. Not at all with a big studio film I didn’t expect to get the opportunity to get involved with the costume like that but Anwar who did the costume design was really open to that so it was a nice added bonus.

BATD: And you talked a bit about vintage but are there any kind of markets or shops that you’ve found that you’d recommend to people?

O: In LA there’s much more so it’s much cheaper. You can go to any flea market and neighboorhoods. There’s a place called “Jetlag” and every Sunday they pile all these close on the floor and it’s a dollar an item. I got this 1920′s day coat, yellow felt day coat, with green snowdrop embroidery for a dollar!

In England those sorts of places are hard to find. The places like Portobello and anywhere around East London are a couple of vintage shops and Broadway Market is also quite good. I think the best places are charity shops that aren’t in London because then you find real old gems like tea dresses from the forties for about £5!

BATD: Do you prefer bold or natural looks?

O: Depends on what mood I’m in. Sometimes I go out just in red lipstick. Really bright red lipstick. But other times, I mean it depends if I’m feeling 70′s or 40′s I think my make-up is really what mood I’m in, what era I’m in.

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey

BATD: So, what’s your skincare regime like?

O: The main thing I do is moisturise from head to toe every day.

BATD: What are your three favourite beauty products can’t you live without?”

O: Hmm, it is tough. I reckon one of them would be Dr.Hauschka Rose Day Cream – it’s really nourishing. And Sisley make this really lovely flower tonic toner. It’s amazing. Every thing’s HD now so I’m very conscious of trying to have clear skin.

I think red lipstick… Like, a really good red lipstick. Because even if I don’t have time to get fully made-up if I put lipstick I feel like I’m ready to go. If I put moisturiser and lipstick on I feel ready. Aiso, I like thick eye brows so an eye brow pencil.

BATD: OK, and for a red carpet event what would you keep in your clutch for last minute touch ups?

O: Oh I don’t know… Just a mirror!

BATD: Finally on the beauty aspect, have you picked up any tips or ticks for make-up application or skin care?

O: Yes there’s a really good one. If you put Manuka Honey on your face it’s amazing.

Use really high quality honey though as a facialist recommended it to me. Just pile it on like a mask and leave it on for 20 or 30 minutes the day before – or once or twice a week – especially before a premiere. Your skin will just look like you’ve been on holiday. It’s really glowing and you also smell great! It makes such a difference. Just gently wash it off with warm water.

I did it when we were filming Poppers because during winter my skin felt really dry. And my makeup artist was like “What have you done? Your skin is amazing!” I’d just put honey on my face! She now keeps it in her kit and recommends it to people.

Ophelia Lovibond and Tom Hughes in 8 Minutes Idle

Ophelia Lovibond and Tom Hughes in 8 Minutes Idle

BATD: What will we see you in next? What plans do you have for the future?

O: my next is a film called “8 Minutes Idle” which is another comedy. Although it’s got a more surreal, very British humour. It’s set in a call centre in Bristol opposite Tom Hughes, and he is brilliant. His life is unraveling, and he’s not really taking much responsibility for it… he’s paralysed by making decisions. Then he meets Terry, who I play, and she’s even more hopeless than he is. She gives him a reason to take an active role in his life. It’s really sweet but very odd.

BATD: What are you filming at the moment?

O: Another English film called “Wasteland and then also a new BBC drama called “Titanic” to celebrate the centennial of the Titanic. And that’s all going to be set in the 1900′s and the script is fantastic. Even when I was reading it, I was thinking “It’s going to be so cool to wear all the costumes!” I’ve never done anything of that period.

Catch Ophelia Lovibond in Mr Popper’s Penguins in cinemas now. Watch the trailer it below:

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