Is That a Purse Spray in Your Pocket?

BATD ON Apr 29, 2009 AT 9:40 am

Signature Purse Spray

Signature Purse Spray

These days, cool travel is more about what you don’t take than what you do. Packing-lite is the only way to go; the days of a three suitcase trip are well and truly over. Anything that makes minimalist holidaying easier is good with us, which is why we love the small size sprays from Agent Provocateur.

Literally fitting in your pocket – or your purse – and within the airport liquid limits, Maitresse, £33, is a sexy fusion of white lotus and ylang ylang that’s perfect for smouldering, sultry evenings, while AP Signature, £30, is a spicy, exotic mix that warms to a sensual, heady jasmine hit.

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