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Korres Materia Herba Eye Cream

Korres Materia Herba Eye Cream

By Eleanor Tucker

Organic isn’t just about fruit and veg these days. When it comes to skincare, a lot of us are looking for something a bit more natural. And if it’s kinder to the environment – bonus. Luckily, there’s a whole load of new organic ranges out there to meet this demand. Organic Surge, available at Boots, Superdrug, and Sainsbury’s amongst others, is one of these very ranges. It’s got a cheerful look to the packaging, a good selection of products and is pretty reasonably priced. It’s like organic made easy. The Daily Care Face Wash (£4.99) is very rose-scented but rather nice, and the Skin Perfecting Polish (£5.99) does the job pretty well too. Not fancy, but not bad either.

Never one to miss a trick, The Body Shop recently launched their Nutriganics range, which uses Community Trade organic Babassu oil from Brazil. There isn’t a huge selection of products but the pump dispensers are handy. Look out for the Smoothing Serum (£13) and the really refreshing Foaming Face Wash (£7.50).

Purity Organic Skincare

Purity Organic Skincare

Naked, another new brand, claim to be ‘97% natural and 100% transparent’ and they too go with the whole, ‘don’t put chemicals on your body’ pitch. Their Be Smooth Naked Cocoa Butter Body Cream is very impressive (especially as it was only £3.91 for a massive tube) and it doesn’t smell like the normal, overly chocolatey cocoa butter products out there.

Now for something more expensive – Korres. Right on cue, they’ve developed a certified organic range called Materia Herba. The packaging uses old-fashioned botanical drawings – and the stuff inside is just as gorgeous. Try the 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion (£20), the Anti-ageing Cream for normal to dry skin (£36) and the Moisturising Cream for normal to dry skin (£32). No fancy names here – just lovely-textured, fresh-smelling creams.

Finally, Superdrug’s organic rangePurity. They have a ‘less is more’ philosophy, and use what they describe as ‘Intelligent ingredients, few in numbers and highly effective, a combination which results in beautiful skin and is kind to the earth’. Sounds good – and it’s all so darn cheap, too. The Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser is just £7.99, while the Anti-Ageing Mask and Serum is £8.99 and tightens your face up to Joan Rivers-esque proportions. What’s not to like?

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