It Only Takes A Minute, Girl

Jourdana ON Aug 22, 2013 AT 10:03 am

There are some areas of beauty over which it would be a sin not to linger; pedicures, facials and Epsom-laced bubble baths. And then there are others, namely the mid-week beauty solutions, where we say the faster-the-better (so long as they’re effective of course). ¬†Which is why I’ve been obsessing over this unassuming hair sachet from Dove.

Silky, smooth lengths at DSquared

For silken, nourished lengths without the 20 minute head-wrapped-in-cling-film downtime, this is as close to wash’n'go as you’ll get.

Simply smother freshly washed, wet hair with the conditioning treatment mask before topping from mid-lengths to tips with the clear serum ampule, feel the heat and rinse.

Mid week hair salvation couldn’t be simpler, or speedier.

Dove Intensive Repair Self Warming Hair Mask, £3.99

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