It Only Takes A Minute, Girl

Jourdana ON Aug 22, 2013 AT 10:03 am

There are some areas of beauty over which it would be a sin not to linger; pedicures, facials and Epsom-laced bubble baths. And then there are others, namely the mid-week beauty solutions, where we say the faster-the-better (so long as they’re effective of course).  Which is why I’ve been obsessing over this unassuming hair sachet from Dove.

Silky, smooth lengths at DSquared

For silken, nourished lengths without the 20 minute head-wrapped-in-cling-film downtime, this is as close to wash’n'go as you’ll get.

Simply smother freshly washed, wet hair with the conditioning treatment mask before topping from mid-lengths to tips with the clear serum ampule, feel the heat and rinse.

Mid week hair salvation couldn’t be simpler, or speedier.

Dove Intensive Repair Self Warming Hair Mask, £3.99

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