It’s A Sure Thing

Mimi ON Mar 23, 2012 AT 12:39 pm

Sure Maximum Protection

Not only does Sure Maximum Protection, with TrisolidTM formula, offer twice the protection against sweat, ahem . . perspiration, compared to the bestselling antiperspirant, it also promises 48 hour protection and is still gentle enough for everyday use!

It all sounds great, but with a long-haul flight and 3 days exploring a high-humidity city ahead of me, I need some serious prowess from my deodorant. I’ll be road-testing Sure Maximum Protection over the next few frenetic and fun days, plumping for Sure Maximum Protection in ‘Confidence‘ for that extra much-needed boost.

For those who like a softer touch, try Sure Maximum Protection in ‘Sensitive‘ or the ‘Classic’ version for everyday freshness. All of which can be picked up in your local Boots.

Check back in on Friday to see how I (and my underarms) got on with Sure Maximum Protection. .

Nb. This post is sponsored

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