It’s Not What He Spends…

BATD ON Jan 09, 2009 AT 12:34 pm

Montaigne Monument Flacon

Montaigne Monument Flacon

But how he spends it. And, with Valentine’s Day looming, we all know that’s one fat lie. A bunch of straggly roses from the garage or a highly unimaginative box of Milk Tray are not what we want on the day of love.

What we truly want is the big spend, the one that shows how much he really cares, even in a credit crunch. The gift we’re really holding out for is Caron’s Limited Edition Montaigne Monument Flacon bursting with jasmine, daffodils and mimosa notes, not least because it comes wrapped in an 18 carat gold chain adorned with a bondage style padlock. Jewellery and fragrance in one? That’s instant infatuation.

£1000 from Harrods or Fortnum & Mason; limited edition of 300.
Available from 20th January.

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