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Mimi ON May 20, 2011 AT 10:41 am

Give me bronzed skin

Give me bronzed skin

If, like me you’re so pale fake tan is the ONLY way you’ll ever be bronzed this summer then my latest beauty experience might be right down your street, as last week I went to Bob Soho, for a spray tan. However this was no normal spray tan, as this one was conducted by the lovely James Harknett using the new Sunbelievable Tan range.

The fact I’m bothering to write this review should give you a heads up that I liked the product – and how could I not like a product that was developed by two beauty pros like James Harknett and Leighton Denny – but to be honest the description of the range had me sold before I had even arrived:

James Harknett

James Harknett

Virtually odourless, instant-drying and with a guide colour that makes it easy to apply, Sun-Believable develops in 2-4 hours to give a long-lasting tan that wears evenly (for up to 10 days) and is kind to skin.”

The formula is a mousse (one of the only mousse that James can actually use in a spray gun due to it’s consistency) and has an inoffensive colour guide in it. It dried almost instantly and I can safely say that although it’s branded as ‘virtually odourless’ I couldn’t smell a thing, so I’d opt for completely odourless… which is a first for me as I normally hate the smell of fake tan (perfumed or not).

After the spray tan (which took about 15mins) and a quick chat about all James’s celebrity clientelle – naming no names obviously – I was ready to go and, although I put my clothes on straight away, I had no streaks or uneveness the next day. Instead, the next morning I woke up with a fabulous tan that really suited my skin tone and gave me a fresh faced/bodied glow.

Sunbelievable tanning range

Sunbelievable tanning range

I would wholeheartedly recommend this tan for any skin tone as the formula seems to adapt to the person (the girl before me had deep olive skin and looked great) and doesn’t smell AT ALL (i.e. you can actually get the Tube home without feeling self-conscious!). I will definitely be getting this before my trip to the south of France later this year.

You can buy the Sunbelievable Mousse and Mitt for at home use for £30 from, QVC and  selected John Lewis stores nationwide.

However, if you’d prefer James to apply it, a Spray Tan at Bob Soho costs £40,

36 Marshall Street
Soho W1

Tel: 020 7734 2444

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